Many of the following plays are available on The New Play Exchange

The Delays (3F,3M)

In an airport, where everyone is busy going somewhere, The Delays focuses on a group going nowhere. Taking place around the new year, and traveling back ten years, and then another ten years, the past lives of these characters slowly reveal themselves, while asking bigger questions.

– Production, Theatre Vertigo (Portland, OR) dir. Tamara Carroll 2019


In the wake of tragedy and budget cuts, four teachers try to make it through a Monday.

– Staged Reading, Artists Repertory Theatre (Portland, OR), produced by LineStorm Playwrights dir. Matt Pavik 2018

< 3 (4F,2M)

14-year-old Ellie is a good kid. It’s the worst. 25-year-old David is grown-up. It’s the worst. Tracy Maccarini’s got it figured out, though. She’s neither. Or both. Is it more dangerous to grow up too fast or too slowly?

– Staged Reading, Theatre Vertigo (Portland, OR) dir. Emilie Landmann 2018

– Staged Reading, Seven Devils Playwrights Conference (McCall, ID) dir. Tira Palmquist 2015

– Bay Area Playwrights Festival (semi-finalist) 2015

The Storyteller (3F,3M)

Randi has lived off the grid with her father for as long as she can remember. She knows better than to question things—at least, until recently. Now she wants to know everything. She wants to know her story. But who’s going to tell it? A loose riff on The Tempest.

-Selected for the Something Marvelous Festival of Magical Realism in Chicago, IL. 2019

– Seven Devils Playwrights Conference (finalist) 2018

– Staged reading, Artists Repertory Theatre (Portland, OR), as part of the Fertile Ground Festival of New Work dir. Caitlin Fisher-Draeger 2018

Portrait of the Widow Kinski (2F,2M)

A promising artist falls into obscurity. Decades later, his widow, once a promising artist herself, works tirelessly to find an audience for his neglected work. A chance encounter yields the possibility of a gallery show and a critical reexamination, but the opportunity to finally secure her husband’s legacy forces her to take a hard look at the past.

– The Blank Theatre’s Living Room Series dir. Samantha Shada 2017

– The Bridge Initiative Writing Award (semi-finalist) 2016

– Ashland New Play Festival (semi-finalist) 2016

– Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company’s Generations New Play Development Program  (semi-finalist) 2014

– JAW Playwrights Festival (Portland, OR) dir. Karin Magaldi 2010

– Victory Gardens Theater (Chicago, IL) dir. Sandy Shinner (reading) 2010

– MFA showcase reading at Steppenwolf Theater Company through Remmy Bummpo Theatre Company (Chicago, IL) dir. James Bohnen 2009

Love Scenes (3F,3M,1 any)

6 couples. 6 scenes. 1 apartment building. 24 hours. Ah, love.

– Staged reading, Theatre Vertigo (Portland, OR) dir. Kristen Kraklow 2017

– Production, Brody Theater (Portland, OR) Produced as part of the Fertile Ground City-Wide Festival of New Works 2012

10-Minute Plays

Commencement (2F)

– Selected for the We Ain’t Done Yet Festival at Arizona Theatre Matters 2019

– Staged Reading, Artists Repertory Theatre (Portland, OR) dir. Matt Gibson 2019

Tri-Fold (1F, 2M)

Production, SouthWest StageWorks (Portland, OR) as part of A Short in the Wire: a collection of site-specific short plays written for Playwright’s West’s Teen West Project. dir. Matthew B. Zrebski 2019

Rough Edge (1F,1M)

– Staged reading, Artists Repertory Theatre (Portland, OR) as part of Portland in Play: Decades with LineStorm Playwrights. dir. Pat Moran 2017

Off Duty (1F,1M)

– Production, Hipbone Studio (Portland, OR) A part of Short and Sweet:  a collection of 10-minute plays written by the LineStorm Playwrights for the 2017 Fertile Ground City-Wide Festival of New Works. dir. Paul Angelo

A Science Thing (1M,1F)

– Selected for The Majestic Eight 10-Minute Play Festival 2019

– Women Playwrights’ Initiative (finalist) 2019

– Staged reading, Artists Repertory Theatre (Portland, OR) as part of Portland in Play with LineStorm Playwrights. dir. Debbie Lamedman 2016

Cold Call (2F,1M)

– Production, Hyde Park Theatre (Austin, TX) as part of FronteraFest Short Fringe. dir. Heather Thiel 2018

– Production, Hipbone Studio (Portland, OR) A part of Short and Sweet:  a collection of 10-minute plays written by the P-Town Playwrights for the 2016 Fertile Ground City-Wide Festival of New Works. dir. Susan Faust

The Night Builder (1F,1M)

– Written for Ready. Set. Write. at Portland Center Stage’s JAW Playwrights Festival dir. Philip Cuomo 2013

That Water Moment (1F,1M)

– Commissioned by Portland Center Stage for the JAW Playwrights Festival kick-off event. dir. Brandon Woolley 2012

Ever-Fixed (1F,1M)

– Heideman Award, Actors Theatre of Louisville National Ten-Minute Play Contest (finalist) 2016

– Chicago Dramatist’s 10-Minute Workshop dir. Dexter Bullard 2009

Without Ears (1F,1M)

– Northwestern University’s Master Clash short play festival dir. Cat Miller 2009

– Chicago Dramatists 10-Minute Workshop dir. Ilesa Duncan 2007