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The Willamette Week Fertile Ground’s Highlights

Accuardi’s play is both new and a masterpiece… It takes regret and satisfaction, pain and joy, and fuses them together to create a tapestry of spectacularly honest stories and characterizations. – Bennett Campbell Ferguson, Willamette Week

The Willamette Week WW’s List of Portland’s Top 10 Plays of 2019

Set in a single airport on three separate New Year’s Eves, Sara Jean Accuardi’s masterpiece journeys backward through time and deep into the souls of its flawed and beautiful characters. Bennett Campbell Ferguson, Willamette Week

Broadway World Life’s Layovers Become Permanent in THE DELAYS, at Theatre Vertigo

It’s a moving, well-crafted play that shows how easy it is to get trapped… I enjoyed THE DELAYS immensely. Accuardi’s writing is sharp, and I love her decision to reveal the characters’ lives in reverse. Somehow, knowing the end makes the journey even more poignant. – Krista Garver, Broadway World

Oregon ArtsWatch DramaWatch: Drammys for all

It was heartening to see … Sara Jean Accuardi’s emotionally astute and smartly constructed THE DELAYS honored as Outstanding Original Script. – Marty Hughley, Oregon ArtsWatch

The Willamette Week Here Are the Finalists for This Year’s Oregon Book Awards

The Oregonian Here are the 35 finalists for the 2021 Oregon Book Awards

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The Willamette Week Productions We’re Most Excited About Through March 2019

Broadway World 10 Things to See at Fertile Ground 2019

Press for Portrait of the Widow Kinski

“A delicate and sensitive play, “Portrait of the Widow Kinski” explores how the powers of love and trust can combine to blind as much as they invigorate.” New play ‘Portrait of the Widow Kinski’ explores the powers of love and trust

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Seeking Refuge: Enjoy a live performance again

Deities Deliver Wisdom and Warnings in Shaking the Tree’s “Refuge”

Press for Joy Frickin’ Hates Her Dumb Stupid Room

Broadway World Portland Center Stage Play at Home: Short Plays by Anya Pearson, E.M. Lewis, Josie Seid, and Sara Jean Accuardi

With her characteristic humor and insight, Accuardi has created a funny, joyful little play for what are indeed “trapped little times.” – Krista Garver, Broadway Word

The Willamette Week Portland Center Stage Unveils Four New Plays for People to Perform at Home

The New York Times Making Art During a Pandemic: Theaters Seek and Share Mini-Plays

Ut Omnia Bene Play at Home at Portland Center Stage

I loved the inventiveness of this play, and it’s funny throughout, even down to the stage directions – Gigi Little

Judy Nedry Play at Home With Portland Center Stage

Press for The Storyteller


Sara’s play is about the power of the stories we tell, to and about ourselves. It’s tender, magical and full of surprises, and it brilliantly answers the Wolfe Competition’s call for ‘highly original, personal stories rooted in geographic place.’ Just like the best of Wolfe’s writing, Sara has deftly harnessed the tension of both wanting to run from your past, while simultaneously seeking to embrace and take ownership of it.

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Oregon Arts Watch Fertile Ground 2: ‘Dorothy’s Dictionary,’ etc.

Two of the best stageworks in this year’s festival are, in truth, so modest they virtually fly under the radar. Susan Faust’s PERSISTENT WORLD and Sara Jean Accuardi’s AND EVERYTHING NICE, both playwrights also being from the LineStorm group. With these easy-going plays you are tempted to applaud at curtain, smile as you leave the theater, then move on to the next show. But, with each of these, something has cleverly worked on you and gotten under your skin. They stick to your ribs. – Jae Carlsson, Oregon Arts Watch

Portland Tribune Milwaukie’s Chapel Theatre to host free play readings

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Short Documentary about the 2015 Seven Devils Playwrights Conference

Broadway World Seven Devils Playwrights Conference Announces 2015 Writers; Runs 6/8-20

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The Oregonian JAW 2012 Wrap-Up 

Most touching was Sara Jean Accuardi’s “That Water Moment,” which hinged on the balance of frustration and faith in the lives of young parents (played by Kerry Ryan and Isaac Lamb) struggling with the care of a developmentally disabled child. –  Marty Hughley, The Oregonian

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The Oregonian Fertile Ground Festival: Promising Productions

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The Oregonian Portland Center Stage’s JAW Festival gives playwrights– including Sara Jean Accuardi– an Act 1

Interview on KBOO

Broadway World July Brings a Wealth of Wide-Eyed Obsessives to Portland Center Stage’s JAW 2010

BLOGORRHEA JAW announces 2010 line-up

“This writer is fiercely talented…” – Mead Hunter